What We Do

Mission Smile is involved in various activities such as food distribution, cloth distribution and health awareness etc.

The main motto of our every activity is to provide relief to the people regarding their health, education and many more. Our activities are not only bounded in providing relief to the people but we also play important role in protecting environment and work on plantation so that pollution level can be decreased. We also plan street shows to spread awareness about disease and natural environment. Some of our most useful and essential activities are as following:-

Distribution of Food

Mission Smile Trust always distribute food to needy people such as street people, poor people and child labor. We also include those people in our food distribution plan who are below poverty line and unable to work. We mostly target those people in our this program who are physically disable. We also distribute food on those places which are affected by natural disaster.

Distribution of Medicine

Poor and needy people are distributed medicines in our health relief program. Our trust has decided that there will be no case of dieing without medicine because we travel each doorstep of needy people to help them regarding medical services and medicines. We search for such child who is suffering from life threatening disease and parent is unable to provide treatment facility.

Distribution of Stationary

This is the main motive of our trust is to provide education facility to each child. We include classes, tuition and study plan in our education plan. We distribute educational stationary to each needy children. Utthan Trust has a single mission to educate each child in well manner so that each child can get primary education.








What Our Donors Over the World Are Saying

"Doing a great work which most people would don't even think of doing.God bless u all" - Dinesh Rajan (kochi , Kerala)
"I appreciate all the team members of 'Mission Smile trust' for the loving care they are showing towards the needy irrespective of their race, color, cast or Creed." - Yuvaraj Nagraj (Bangalore)
"God will always bless you all (Mission smile team ) for your Nobel work keep doing this kind of activities." - Md. Anwar (Delhi)

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